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At Austin’s Wildlife Removal Services, we know Central Texas and we know the critters that invade
homes. We specialize in poison free rodent and wildlife removal and exclusion work for residential
homes. AWRS also offers a variety of animal removal services to remove the nuisance animals from
around the home as well, such as armadillos, opossums, raccoons and skunks


The armadillo is considered a nuisance animal because of it’s characteristic burrowing and digging, which is detrimental to many areas of your property.

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All animal exclusion work is completed in a craftsman-like manner using the highest quality materials.
AWRS also specializes in wildlife exclusions for homes with tile roofs and offers a guarantee on all work.


Squirrels are of the rodent family and The Fox squirrel is the largest and the most populous of tree squirrels in central Texas. Squirrels are opportunists in nature and owe their urban success and existence to humans.

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AWRS services begin with a call. AWRS provides free inspections for homeowners within our service
area. Once on site AWRS first objective will be the proper identification of the invading wildlife. The
second objective is identifying the active points of entry as well as any possible future points of entry.


The opossum although looks like a big rat, is related to the kangaroo and is the only marsupial in North America.

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Once identification and all points of ingress have been determined, AWRS will explain the procedure of
removal and the included exclusion work followed with a upfront quote.


Raccoons have adapted to urban sprawl, from rural settings to the metropolitan landscape.

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AWRS strives to provide clear communications with realistic expectations with a determination to
resolve the human and animal conflict!


The striped skunk is the most abundant of five species in Texas and often causes hysteria among some people with a mere sighting.

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If you find yourself with a animal house, please call us for your free consultation at 512-278-0278.

Rats & Mice

Roof rats cause millions of dollars of damage each year, from contamination of food products, spreading diseases, structural and automotive damage caused by their continual gnawing activities

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