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Austin’s Wildlife Removal Services

Pesky little critters can seem to somehow find their way into many different places around your home, whether you have them indoors, outdoors, or even in hard to reach places we are able to get the job done and get the pesky little critters out of your hair. Outdoor critters can make your garden or outdoor living area a mess with their need for shelter and food, they can tear up outdoor pillows and eat your fruits and vegetables from your garden. At Austin’s Wildlife removal services we can guarantee to get back your outdoor living area or garden to enjoy during the warm months. Getting rid of these pests doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore because we use humane tools and procedures in order to remove them from your property. We are here to make your life easier and get a resolution for your animal problem. Our most important message to our clients is that at Austin’s Wildlife Removal Services we are determined to resolve your animal infestation in the most effective ways possible.

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The armadillo is considered a nuisance animal because of it’s characteristic burrowing and digging, which is detrimental to many areas of your property. Damage As a result of their rooting, most armadillo damage occurs to: Lawns Golf courses Flower beds... Read More
Armadilo Sitting Up


Squirrels are of the rodent family and The Fox squirrel is the largest and the most populous of tree squirrels in central Texas. Squirrels are opportunists in nature and owe their urban success and existence to humans. The urban setting... Read More
Squirrel With Nut


The opossum although looks like a big rat, is related to the kangaroo and is the only marsupial in North America. The opossum has inhabited the earth for 60 million years, back in the time of the dinosaurs, One reason,... Read More
Opossum Hissing


Raccoons have adapted to urban sprawl, from rural settings to the metropolitan landscape. The raccoon’s omnivorous and voracious appetite, relatively high reproduction rate, together with significant strength, results in this mammal becoming a common menace to homeowners. Diseases Raccoons are... Read More


The striped skunk is the most abundant of five species in Texas and often causes hysteria among some people with a mere sighting. They are rather slow-moving and deliberate, and have great confidence in defending themselves. Skunks typically will avoid... Read More
Skunk Sitting Up

Rats & Mice

Roof rats cause millions of dollars of damage each year, from contamination of food products, spreading diseases, structural and automotive damage caused by their continual gnawing activities. The roof rat is the smallest, of two non-native rodents, sharing our urban... Read More
Mouse Eating
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