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Armadilo Sitting Up


The armadillo is considered a nuisance animal because of it’s characteristic burrowing and digging, which is detrimental to many areas of your property. Damage As a result of their rooting, most armadillo damage occurs to: Lawns Golf courses Flower beds... Read More Read More
Squirrel With Nut


Squirrels are of the rodent family and The Fox squirrel is the largest and the most populous of tree squirrels in central Texas. Squirrels are opportunists in nature and owe their urban success and existence to humans. The urban setting... Read More Read More
Opossum Hissing


The opossum although looks like a big rat, is related to the kangaroo and is the only marsupial in North America. The opossum has inhabited the earth for 60 million years, back in the time of the dinosaurs, One reason,... Read More Read More
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